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What is Codidact?

Ever had a question? Ever had an answer? We believe asking and answering questions makes the world a better place. We also believe that Q&A communities should be free from the politics and shenanigans of private, profit-focused companies.

Community First

Our goal is to build an open-source platform for community-driven Q&A sites. Our aim is to keep it accessible for beginners and newcomers to the community while optimized for long-time users, focusing around the answer. We'll fund it by seeking donations, not by paywalls, and work with individual communities that want to join us.

Ultimately, we are all looking for answers to life's big - and little questions. We want to build an amazing Q&A platform that makes it easier to ask and curate questions in a non-hostile environment and get to the answers you need, without the fuss.

Whether it’s a question about Python or pythons, we want Codidact to have you covered.

Get Involved


All of the Codidact code is hosted on Github. Codidact is open-source - PRs are welcomed.


For more in-depth information please use our wiki. You can also find approved decisions for the project here.


Most of our discussion before approval happens on our Discourse forum server.


For more on-the-go discussion and to get more involved in the day-to-day at Codidact, join the Discord channel.


Alternatively, if you're interested in Codidact and want to be notified as things progress, send an email to to subscribe to our mailing list